FC, Legal Adviser, London
 I was in a career change and needed guidance. Angie helped me acknowledge and value some of my skills that I never thought about, and to identify the kind of career I wanted to pursue. Angie was very flexible and supporting and she always adapted to my needs. I would recommend Angie, to whoever is struggling to find his/her professional identity! 
LM, England
 Angie helped me to clarify my life and career objectives and establish what is really important to me, set goals for myself and take gradual steps towards a more confident self. Not only is her style incredibly professional but also very personable and I always looked forward to our sessions. I now have really solid career goals, strategies to achieve these and a positive and proactive attitude. I am delighted to say I feel truly optimistic about my future 
VM, business owner, Singapore
 Career Coaching from Angie Fresch Coaching helped me to start my new business. It gave me the confidence to set out on my own, the encouragement to keep pushing and reassurance that I can tackle any highs and lows that will come my way. This is my first experience of career coaching and I wasn't sure how it would play into my complicated portfolio career. But I'm so pleased with the progress Angie has helped me to achieve. Angie helped me to discover - my self-belief, my convictions, my clarity of thought, the answers to so many questions I'd been putting off asking myself. Sometimes I'd feel so stuck that I didn't know how to begin the session but Angie found ways to crack open the issue and tackle it piece by piece. Her energy is sincere and generous and I was constantly touched at the details she could recall of our conversations so that no stone was left unturned. From our first session I felt that I could be honest with her and with myself. It gave me a great sense of support to get emails from Angie, links, thoughts, follow ups, I didn't feel alone (which I often am as a freelancer). I set out to find focus and drive in my life when I am pulled in all directions by multiple jobs. I now have a burgeoning training business, a blossoming professional network and a clear sense of who I am and what I offer. My days (most days) fly by because, using Angie's guidance, I can put my energy into my purpose and strengths and not be paralysed by my weaknesses and indecision. 
KS, Personal Fashion Stylist, England
 I really enjoyed our meetings as it made me prepare and think about the next steps, and when I was actually going to do them. Your gentle, calm manner made it a pleasure to indulge in talking about my business and how to move forward. Being self-employed, it is sometimes tricky to keep the momentum going to look for new business leads and I found talking to Angie helped me take an idea forward and not procrastinate. I initially discussed an idea of group sessions with Angie and now run workshops for specific fashion themes and have future dates booked. I could have continued to think about it, but I believe that Angie's approach has definitely helped me to believe in myself to take ideas forward instead of finding reasons not to make that call or send an email. Allowing myself time just to talk about my own business has helped to focus my mind and not let day to day issues hold up an idea. Angie, thank you for your support and enthusiasm. 
AS - Scotland.
 I worked with Angie for a number of weeks. It was an experience that I will always look on as transformational. She is a great listener and helped me overcome many obstacles that I was facing in my career transition. As a result of working with Angie, I now have clarity on the direction I am going, and am able to move forward in the next steps 
CB, Business Owner, England
 Working with Angie to support marketing my business was a joy. She brought a clarity both to the coaching process and my thinking that helped me tease out what was a practical issue and were I needed to work on myself to succeed – and find solutions to both. I wanted to begin marketing beyond my own network to build my coaching practice. I’d identified some potential opportunities and wanted to take these forward in a way that would build new professional relationships and secure new client engagements. I went into coaching with a goal of focusing on practical steps to engage specific clients. Yet after my first session with Angie, I realised I had some foundation work to do to set myself up for success. Angie helped me identify skills gaps, that a lack of confidence was leading me to procrastinate, and that I needed to shift my time commitments if I was be more effective and consistent in marketing my services. Angie coaches with compassion and clarity. The greatest help in each session was to help maintain my focus and prevent me from getting lost in my story and the problem – bringing me back each time to focus on moving forward. Her ability to summarise my sometimes complex thinking brought new insights, and I left each session feeling a sense of progress and optimism. 




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