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Facing, or being in, a career transition can be both an exciting and stressful time.

Perhaps you have a new opportunity with your current work, such as a promotion to team leader, or you are returning from a career break.  Are you feeling out of your depth and like a bit of an “imposter”?

Or perhaps you feel like you “fell into” what you’re doing years ago, thinking it would just be for a short time, and years later you find yourself successful to the outside world, but inside wondering “is this it for me?”  The prospect of another Monday morning fills you with dread.

I know how it feels, because I’ve been there.

I returned to a demanding marketing role – same company, but a brand new role and business unit to me, as a first-time parent leaving my child for the first time in child care.  The stress from competing and shifting priorities, as well as business demands, was high.

Several years later, I navigated a career change away from the corporate world.  I was excited at the prospect of creating a more flexible working life to fit with family priorities, yet daunted and overwhelmed by not knowing exactly what that would be and how I would make it happen.

Fast forward several years and now I support clients in various types of career transition, providing the support I wished I’d had to navigate uncertainty at points of change.

I believe in the power of coaching to support individuals and groups in achieving more than they would on their own. My coaching clients say the benefit to them is greater clarity around their goals, as well as the confidence to move forward with the best actions to achieve those goals. Across my career, I have always been most passionate when supporting the development of others and enabling their success.

I primarily (but not exclusively) work with clients who are in different types of career transition. I love to work with clients who are motivated to go after what they really want for themselves in life, and who are also at the right place in their lives to make lasting changes. It doesn’t happen overnight… it’s a process, and I value every opportunity I have to support a client in moving forward in life. I do enjoy bringing some lightness and fun to coaching sessions and enjoy working with people who like to laugh.

Personally, I can relate to the demands of balancing work and personal life, as a parent myself. I have two delightful and, at times, challenging, little boys. I particularly enjoy supporting clients to achieve their professional goals whilst maintaining the balance they desire with the rest of the important aspects of their lives.

My professional background is as an experienced marketing and sales professional with a record of delivering results through team collaboration and consumer / client focus. With over 15 years’ business experience at organisations including Procter & Gamble, Bristol-Myers Squibb and Honeywell, I understand the pressures of delivering results in a corporate environment.

I value learning and growth. I hold a professional coaching certificate from CoachU, and an ACC credential from the International Coach Federation. I am a licensed Firework Career Coach and a part of the Careershifters coaching team. I have an MBA from Cornell University and a BA in Business Psychology from Miami University.




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